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    To what level do contract actions need to be identified in the acquisition plan. Does the threshold of $50M total or $25M annual define which contract actions should be addressed in an AP? i have searched FAR, DFAR, PGI, DODI 5000.2, SECNAVINST 5000.2 and can't find a specific answer on which contract actions should be included.


    The Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) provides the following information:

    2.4. Acquisition Strategies and Acquisition Plans
    The Acquisition Strategy required by DoD Instruction 5000.02 is not the same as the acquisition plan required by FAR Subpart 7.1 and DFARS Subpart 207.1. The Acquisition Strategy is a top-level description, in sufficient detail to allow decision-makers and the milestone decision authority (MDA) to assess whether the strategy makes good business sense, effectively implements laws and policies, and reflects management’s priorities. Once approved by the MDA, the Acquisition Strategy provides a basis for more detailed planning.
    2.4.1. Federal Procurement Requirements
    The FAR requires acquisition planning for all Federal procurements, and the DFARS requires PMs to prepare written Acquisition Plans (APs) for most acquisitions exceeding $10 million. APs are execution-oriented and tend to contain more contracting-related detail than an Acquisition Strategy. An AP normally relates to a singular contractual action, whereas an Acquisition Strategy covers the entire program and may reflect the efforts of multiple contractual actions.
    2.4.2. Distinctions for Each Requirement
    Because both the DoD Instruction 5000.02 requirement for an Acquisition Strategy and the FAR/DFARS requirement for an AP apply to program planning, there are understandably questions about how they differ and how they relate to each other.
    There is no DoD-level rule that precludes the PM from preparing a single document to satisfy both requirements; in fact, FAR 34.004 dealing with major systems acquisition requires that the Acquisition Strategy "qualify" as the AP. However, DoD Components often prefer to provide a more general Acquisition Strategy to the MDA for approval and choose to prepare a separate, more detailed AP. If a separate AP is written, the AP may not be approved until after the Acquisition Strategy has been approved.
    As part of the Better Buying Power (BBP) initiatives, the PDUSD (AT&L) Memo: Program Strategies & Systems Engineering Plan Sample Outlines (20 Apr 11) includes a template for Technology Development Strategy or Acquisition Strategy which may also help to address your question.

    Document Streamlining - Program Strategies & Systems Engineering Plan Sample Outlines
    Technology Development Strategy/Acquisition Strategy
    In general, the Acquisition Strategy/Acquisition Plan, TEMP, SEP, Life Cycle Sustainment Plan and any other major program documents are updated at each milestone or major decision point after Milestone B, especially if there are significant changes to any of these documents.

    Additional information on this topic and other Defense acquisition best practices can be found at

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