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    What constitutes an open market quote on GSA eBuy? If the RFQ is through GSA ebuy and the response is through ebuy, is it really considered an open market quote? Further, what differentiates one offeror calling their item open market because it isnt on their GSA contract schedule and another offeror not calling their item open market, while it is also not included on their GSA contract schedule? If the item is on the GSA schedule but is not on the individual contractors schedules is it considered an open market quote or not?


    An item not on an offeror's Federal Supply Schedule pricelist is considered on open market quote. If you solicit only through eBuy and not FedBizOpps, you can award only to an offeror whose item is actually on its schedule. See the "Open Market items" section from the GSA EBuy guide. In addition, FAR 8.402(f) explains that in order to procure open market items, the publicizing and competition requirements of FAR Parts 5 and 6 will apply. 

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