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    What is the difference now that the Commercial Test Program is gone? Is it that we just cannot do a combined synopsis/solicitation? Also, what is the dollar limit for placing commercial contracts using Part 12 now that 13.5 is gone?


    The Test Program did not change the number of contracts eligible for the use of FAR Part 12 procedures, but instead changed the number of contracts eligible for the use of FAR Part 13 Simplified Acquisition procedures. Because the Test Program expired, the use of FAR Part 13 procedures is no longer applicable to commercial acquisitions in the dollar range of $150,001 through $6.5 million. Note that there is no dollar limit (then or now) for the use of FAR Part 12 procedures for commercial items.

    There has been talk at high levels in DoD to push for re-enactment of the Test Program in future legislation. 

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