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    Do you know if an Acquisition Strategy Plan is required for a SBIR Phase III and whether or not there's an issue with writing a IDIQ contract for a maximum of 10 year tearm (years basic plus options). DFARs 217.204(3)(i) states it's possible, but I thought there had been other policy written stating otherwise. However, I can't find it.


    An Acquisition Strategy is required for Major Systems and therefore would not be required for a SBIR Phase III which a “commercialization”, which transitions the SBIR technology to an end use, in a system or to a stand alone product. 
    We should always do Acquisition Planning.  However, whether or not you have to do a formal written  Acquisition Plan is based on the estimated dollar value of the contract. DFARS 201.103(d)(1) states a written Acquisition plan is required for; “(A) Acquisitions for development, as defined in FAR 35.001, when the total cost of all contracts for the acquisition program is estimated at $10 million or more.”  I suggest you check with your agency’s regulations for additional guidance/limits.  
    SBIRs Phase III contracts are unique however they still are required to follow most of the FAR requirement.  So, if you are anticipating a single award IDIQ contract the ordering period cannot exceed  5 year, without special authorization (see FAR 17.204(e)) and you will have to document the file as to why it is in the best interest of the government to award a single IDIQ (see FAR 16.504 (c)

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