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    What policy, if any replaced AFI 63-124?


    AFI 63-124 has been rescinded and is now considered obsolete.  Based on the rescission analysis conducted by SAF/AQCP, the decision was made to not replace AFI 63-124 due to the fact all of its parts are contained in other instructions and regulations. Attached is a matrix showing how each AFI 63-124 paragraph is already covered in another regulation or instruction.  Key guidance regarding the requirement for Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans (QASP) can be found at AFI 63-101:

    “…4.2 .1, All acquisition of services shall be based on clear, performance-based requirements, include identifiable and measurable cost, schedule, and performance outcomes consistent with customer requirements; and receive adequate planning and management to achieve those outcomes.
    …4.4.2.  Services Designated Officials provided authority in Table 4-1 shall:
    … Ensure and adequately planned and resourced management approach to monitor contractor performance including quality assurance surveillance and tracking procedures.
    … Ensure the performance plan effectively monitors contractor performance.
    …4.9 Initial Contract Performance Review.  The initial evaluation of contractor performance is a joint determination by the multi-functional team that the contractor has successfully started performance, completed transition, is fully operational, and is within the estimated cost, schedule, and performance parameters of the contract. 

    MP 5301.602-2(d), Designation of Contracting Officer's Representative (COR), identifies the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan as the Government's plan that documents all work requiring surveillance and the method of surveillance necessary to determine whether contractor performance conforms to contract requirements, how the multi-functional team will assess contractor performance and manage the contract to obtain efficiencies, improve performance, and cost savings throughout its life cycle.  The QASP includes the objective in having the services performed, the goals of the multi-functional team, identification of team members and their roles and responsibilities.  The QASP is prepared in conjunction with the performance work statement (PWS) and is formerly known as the Performance Plan.

    MP5346.103, Contracting Officer Responsibilities, The Quality Assurance Program, states the Contracting Officer will advise the multi-functional team on Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan development. 

    FAR 37.6 Performance Based Acquisition -This subpart prescribes policies and procedures for acquiring services using performance-based acquisition methods.

    FAR 46.401 and DFARS 246.401 discuss the need for and what goes in a QASP.

    Bottom line: Now that AFI-63-124 is obsolete, the Contracting Officer will need to refer to multiple instructions and regulations for guidance.  The references identified above are the current guidance for requiring and preparing a QASP.   Another useful resource is the Automated Requirements Roadmap Tool or ARRT (, which provides a structured approach for defining requirements, performance standards and how these results will be inspected. Completing the ARRT process, results in drafts of your Performance Work Statement (PWS) and Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP). 

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