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    Is there any move toward standarizing contingency contracting training for all Federal Agencies? Specifically between DoD, DoS, and USAID. DAU has done a wonderful job training the DoD Contracting Workforce, but is there any coordination to improve the interagency training program for the Contracting Workforce?


    There is no such move that I'm aware of. Part of this is due to the different timing and environments of the missions of the Dept. of Defense, Dept. of State, and USAID. DoD's contingency contracting officers are typically involved earlier during deployments, and often deployed to more forward areas. The missions of the Dept. of State and USAID tend to be less focused on the early phases of deployments and may operate in different theater locations. These factors affect the underlying sense of urgency of the different contracting missions, which in turn affects the methods and philosophy of contracting in the contingency environment. Another difference between the missions is demonstrated by the fact that DoD supplements FAR Part 18 (Emergency Acquisitions) in the DFARS, while the Dept. of State does not supplement FAR Part 18 in its FAR supplement.

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