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    What is the Mean Logistics Delay Time for a carrier based squadron? And/or do you know where I could get a copy of the N88 study that states the MLDT is 24 hours?


    We've been searching through many at OPNAV N2/N6, N4, N88, AIR 4.1, 4.10, AIR 6.8 and CNAF Logistics and R&M communities to no avail. We've contacted other programs that used 24 hours based on the "Carrier (CVN) MLDT study" but they do not know how the metric elements break down numerically. I asked the OSD R&M rep at our last briefing, he did not know and recommended we make our own. We were already in work, making our own but were trying not to plow the same ground.

    We are currently working with CNAF N416 & N809 to gather the data required to identify current process times to come up with relevant metrics for UCLASS.

    Bottom line: Many know of the study but nobody has it. We are working on our own CVN MLDT metric. We will share our results on the Logistics website.

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