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    I need a description of the process by which a new Army major end item is taken from DD61 Nomenclature, thru NSN and ZLIN assignment, on to publishing in SB700-20 and FEDLOG. To include the databases involved, how they interact, and the timing for those interactions. Not interested in the Type Classification/Material Release Process at this time.


    1st)  Customer requests a NSN using JETDAS (this is a database)

    -  Application process is through JETDAS.


    2nd)  After completing the rest of the 11 steps of TC - customer requests TC thru SLAMIS  (this is a database)

    -   ELEVEN STEPS FROM AR 700-142 (RAR 16 OCT 2008) Table 3–3; Requirements for Type classification - STANDARD

          (NOTE:  Many of these steps may be recorded in other databases, but are part of TC so not listed)


    1. JCIDS-approved capabilities document (capabilities development document (CDD), capabilities production document (CPD).

    2. Assignment of national stock number (NSN).

    3. Adequacy of complete product definition data (PDD) including data rights/data use for competitive procurement.1

    4. U.S. Army Force Management Activity (USAFMSA) approved for staffing BOIP.3

    5. OMAR with assessment of technical support, operational effectiveness, and survivability.4

    6. Production risk and production readiness reviewed.5

    7. Environmental conformance certification (see AR 200–1 and 32 CFR 651).

    8. Transportability assessment approval (see AR 70–47) including interim hazard assessment for transportability approval.6

    9a. Safety and health data sheet (SHDS) or a programmatic environmental, safety, and occupational health evaluation and when required a system safety risk assessment (SSRA).7, 8

    9b. Health hazard assessment.9

    10. Supportability strategy addressing integrated logistics support elements and considerations (see AR 700–127).

    11. HQDA-approved frequency allocations for system/items that use the electromagnetic spectrum (see AR 5–12).


    -     Application process is through SLAMIS.


    3rd)  After TC is approved SLAMIS feeds information to AESIP.  (This is a database)


    4th) DAILY - AESIP feeds updated data to LOGSA's Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW)(This is a database).



    5th) Monthly AESIP publishes FEDLOG (Another database) files, as LIW publishes SB 700-20.  (The cutoff for the next month is the 10th of the month before).  (FEDLOG and the SB 700-20 are both databases, with electronic viewing capability).


    This is how the NSN, and LIN get from the customer thru the various data systems to the FEDLOG and SB 700-20.


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