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    Is a D&F required for a 'C' type contract for a single award?


    Based upon your question, you should follow the documentation required  FAR16.103 -- Negotiating Contract Type (d)
    (1) Each contract file shall include documentation to show why the particular contract type was selected. This shall be documented in the acquisition plan, or if a written acquisition plan is not required in the contract file.
    (i) Explain why the contract type selected must be used to meet the agency need.
    (ii) Discuss the Government’s additional risks and the burden to manage the contract type selected (e.g., when a cost-reimbursement contract is selected, the Government incurs additional cost risks, and the Government has the additional burden of managing the contractor’s costs). For such instances, acquisition personnel shall discuss—…

    Subpart 16.3 -- Cost-Reimbursement Contracts


    16.301-2 -- Application.

     (b) The contracting officer shall document the rationale for selecting the contract type in the written acquisition plan and ensure that the plan is approved and signed at least one level above the contacting officer (see 7.103(j) and 7.105). If a written acquisition plan is not required, the contracting officer shall document the rationale in the contract file. See also 16.103(d).


    You should also check with your Agency and local procedures. 

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