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    At what DAWIA Certification Level should an Acquisition workforce specialist be proficient at to write a Performance Work Statement (PWS) for contracts valued at $1M?


    Among other things, the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) requires the Secretary of Defense to establish policies for the effective management (i.e., accession, education, training, and career development) of persons serving in acquisition positions in the DoD.  However, DAWIA does not address specific qualifications required to perform particular job functions, such as writing a PWS.
    There are far too many variables to allow for a decisive answer to your question, and it is impossible to provide a single recommendation on what DAWIA certification level is required to be proficient at drafting and coordinating a PWS.  Ultimately, a determination as to an individual’s qualification to perform any job function must be made in accordance with the agency’s policies.
    See also CLM031, Improved Statement of Work, at for more information on writing requirements documents.

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