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DAU President James WoolseyPresident James Woolsey's Message

Welcome to DAU, modern learning platform delivering continuous learning and support tailored to the needs of the Defense Acquisition Workforce. Everything we do at DAU is for you, the acquisition professional — including formal courses in-person and online, events and workshops, job support tools, consulting and more. As your learning partner, we will be with you in the classroom, online, and in your workplace — whenever and wherever you need us. All of our learning assets are meant to help you develop and manage acquisition programs, projects, and systems that continue to make our nation's warfighters the best-equipped armed forces in the world.

Mission: Develop a high-performing Defense acquisition workforce through talent management, acquisition training, online resources, and organization support to deliver effective, affordable warfighting capabilities.

Vision: An accomplished and innovative Defense acquisition workforce, empowered by DAU’s modern learning platform to provide the warfighter the decisive edge.