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Centralized Asset Management (CAM)


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Centralized Asset Management (CAM)


Alternate Definition

CAM is the management and execution of sustainment funding by a single US Air Force (USAF) process owner. 

Alternate Definition Source

Air Force Instruction (AFI) 63-101/ 20-101, Integrated Life Cycle Management

General Information

AFI 63-101/ 20-101 provides policy related to the USAF's CAM system.  Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) is the designated USAF CAM Executive Agent (EA) for CAM-associated funding and requirements determination. The instruction specifies that that USAF “MAJCOMs (major commands) and PMs (program managers) shall utilize the AFMC developed CAM procedures, meet established timeframes/suspense, and support associated reviews as documented in  Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 63-143Centralized Asset Management Procedures.   The AFMAN 63-143 provides detailed information on CAM processes and procedures including the following:

  • CAM provides enterprise management at the USAF level by focusing resources on priorities as defined by operators.
  • CAM-associated funding includes Weapon System Sustainment (WSS) and AF Active Duty Cost per Flying Hour Program (CPFH).
    • Within the WSS enterprise, there are four business process areas managed as part of CAM:
      • Depot Purchased Equipment Maintenance (DPEM). The DPEM business process includes five sub-categories:
        • Aircraft and Missile Requirements (AMR), which has three supporting processes:
          • the Engineering Requirements Review Process (ERRP)
          • the Bill of Work (BOW) process, and
          • the Maintenance Requirements Supportability Process (MRSP).
        • Engine Maintenance
        • Area/Base/Manufacture (A/B/M)
        • Software Maintenance,
        • Storage
        • Exchangeables, and
        • Other Major End Items (OMEI).
      • Contractor Logistics Support (CLS)
      • Sustaining Engineering (Sust Eng), and
      • Technical Orders (TO)
    • The CPFH program covers costs that directly support the launch, recovery, inspection, servicing, and maintenance of an aircraft; the inspection, servicing and maintenance of an aircraft component or a piece of support equipment that directly supports aircraft maintenance; or the fuel used in the operation of aircraft or support equipment that directly supports aircraft maintenance and fuel. The CPFH budget has the following components:
      • Depot Level Reparables (DLRs), spares and exchangeables
      • Consumable Supplies, and
      • Aviation Petroleum Oil and Lubricants (AvPOL)