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Critical Design Review (CDR)

AETM 009


General Information

A multi-disciplined technical review, conducted at both system-level and component-level, ensures that the initial product baseline is established. The component-level CDRs should be successfully completed for each major component before conducting the system-level CDR. It completes the process of defining the technical requirements for each component, which are documented in the item performance specification of each component. A successful completion of CDR provides a sound technical basis for proceeding into fabrication, integration, and developmental test and evaluation. At completion of the CDR, the initial product baseline is normally taken under contractor configuration control at least until the physical configuration audit (PCA).

For ACAT 1D programs, OUSD(R&E)'s Developmental Test, Evaluation, and Assessments (DTE&A) Directorate will conduct an assessment of the program's CDR and provide that assessment to the ACAT 1D Milestone Decision Authority (MDA). For other Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAPs), the Component MDA will conduct the CDR assessment.