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Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)


Alternate Definition

As the nation’s combat logistics support agency, the Defense Logistics Agency manages the end-to-end global defense supply chain – from raw materials to end user disposition – for the five military services, 11 combatant commands, other federal, state and local agencies and partner and allied nations.

Alternate Definition Source
General Information

According to their DLA at a Glance website, the DLA provides the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, other federal agencies and partner nation armed forces with a full spectrum of logistics, acquisition and technical services. DLA sources and provides nearly all the consumable items America’s military forces need to operate – from food, fuel and energy to uniforms, medical supplies and construction material.

DLA also supplies 86 percent of the military’s spare parts and nearly 100 percent of fuel, manages the reutilization of military equipment, provides catalogs and other logistics information products, and offers document automation and production services to a host of military and federal agencies. Headquartered at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, DLA is a global enterprise – wherever the United States has a significant military presence, DLA is there to support.

DLA Quick Facts

  • Provides nearly $47 billion in goods and services annually (2022)
  • $15 billion in small business 
  • ~100% of military Services consumables
  • Employs more than 27,000 civilians and military
  • Supports more than 2,400 weapon systems
  • Manages eight supply chains and about 6 million items
  • Administers the storage and disposal of strategic and critical materials to support national defense
  • Operates in 48 states and 28 countries.
  • Manages $150 billion active contracts, 89,000 orders and performs more than 9,000 contract awards each day
  • Manages 24 distribution centers worldwide and 25 distribution sites providing specialized services/capabilities for local customers. DLA’s warehousing strategy is driven by the commitment to better serve warfighters, co-locating with the armed forces while placing supplies where they are most needed. By positioning material closer to its customers, DLA is able to decrease wait time, reduce cost and improve military readiness
  • Leads DoD’s efforts to supply the military services with alternative fuel and renewable energy solutions
  • Supports humanitarian and pandemic relief efforts at home and abroad
  • Supports 112 nations with $1.1 billion of support items annually through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program
  • Supports other federal agencies, state and local governments with items such as uniforms, food and fuel. Customers include the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Department of the Interior (DOI), Health and Human Services (HHS), US Coast Guard (USCG), Forestry Service, the General Services Administration and the Department of Agriculture (DOA) School Lunch Program

 DLA Average Daily Support   

  • 89,032 orders
  • 8,802,739 gallons of fuel
  • 166,782 uniform items
  • 1,002,739 meals
  • 9,972 medical items
  • 14,761 pharmaceutical items
  • 2,967 construction & barrier items
  • 6,572 turn-ins
  • 6,965 repair parts

DLA Major Subordinate Commands

Nuclear Enterprise Support Office

  • Lead agent to synchronize the Agency’s efforts and resources to ensure responsive material support to the DoD Nuclear Enterprise, Space Enterprise, and its strategic warfighters.

DLA Strategic Materials

Defense Business Services

DLA Regional Commands

DLA Strategic Plan

The Director's Intent, as outlined in the DLA Strategic Plan, is as follows:

Over more than six decades, the Defense Logistics Agency has established a strong reputation for service to the Warfighter and value to our nation. Keeping pace with today’s accelerating global challenges, DLA continues to maintain and enhance force readiness for our Military Services and Combatant Commands. DLA also stands ready to leverage our unique logistics capabilities in supporting a growing Whole of Government mission without compromising Warfighter support.

Our Strategic Plan meets the evolving requirements of the Warfighter and the nation with a targeted transformative approach encompassing the most critical priorities for the next five years. Grounded in the perspectives of customers, DoD partners, and our workforce, the strategy aligns DLA’s resources and efforts.

DLA’s collaboration with all our partners is paramount as we rapidly innovate at speed and scale to solve problems. We will continue to adapt our strategy as needed to reflect the rapidly changing, competitive environment in which we operate.

Focusing our efforts on the key elements articulated here – mission, vision, lines of effort and critical capabilities – enables us to address the complexities of today’s geo-political environment and the challenges of tomorrow. With a world-class DLA Team working to translate this plan into real results, we look forward to seeing our customers thrive with our support in a demanding and multifaceted world.

Thank you for your support in implementing this Strategic Plan. Most importantly, thank you for your commitment and service to our Warfighters and our nation. I look forward to working with each one of you as together, we build on our enduring legacy as the Nation’s Combat Logistics Support Agency.

The plan describes five lines of effort that identify the most critical focus areas for DLA over the next five years. Each LOE has one or more underlying objectives with specific initiatives, milestones, and metrics that will support the execution of this transformation and have the greatest impact on our ability to serve the Warfighter and the nation.

DLA Mission:  Deliver readiness and lethality to the Warfighter Always and support our nation through quality, proactive global logistics

DLA Vision:  As the Nation’s Combat Logistics Support Agency and valued partner, we are innovative, adaptable, agile, and accountable – focused on the Warfighter…Always

DLA Why:  To serve the warfighter and our nation.

DLA Core Values: Leadership, professionalism, and technical knowledge through dedication to duty, integrity, ethics, honor, courage and loyalty.

DLA Warfighter Support:

The DLA Warfighter Support  provides warfighters training and information to help them procure vital assets they need to support and sustain their missions. DLA provides a team for each of the Services, USTRANSCOM, Coast Guard and the Whole of Government (WOG) to foster a better understanding of the agency and increase customer satisfaction. Contact information for each of the Services teams and Combatant Commander teams is also available on the DLA Warfighter Support Initiative page.