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Depot Activation and Capability Establishment


Alternate Definition

Alternatively referred to as Depot Activation or Depot Capability Establishment, establishment or activation of such capability includes addressing all affected Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element requirements up front in order to sufficiently support required capability outlined in the maintenance plan, as well as activities required to achieve a depot maintenance capability for each specified system. This includes the delivery of required supportability data.

Alternate Definition Source

 Air Force Manual 63-122, Depot Maintenance Activation Plan

General Information

The timing of depot capability establishment is partially driven by individual program imperatives; however a number of statutory requirements directly or indirectly address the planning and establishment of depot capability, to include:

  • 10 USC 4251Major defense acquisition programs: determination required before Milestone A approval
  • 10 USC 4252Major defense acquisition programs: certification required before Milestone B approval
  • 10 USC 2460, Definition of depot-level maintenance and repair
  • 10 USC 2464, Core logistics capabilities

Service-level requirements and guidance on depot activation and/or depot capability establishment are available in some of the following resources:

  • US Army
    • Army Regulation (AR) 700-127, Integrated Product Support, and Department of the Army Pamphlet (DA PAM) 700-127, Integrated Product Support Procedures discuss the requirement for the following: 
      • Depot Maintenance Support Plan (DMSP)
      • Depot Source of Repair (DSOR) decision
      • Core Logistics Assessment (CLA).
    • AR 700-127, Para 8–9 - 
      • Tasks Materiel Developers (MATDEVs) to  develop a DMSP prior to Milestone (MS) C to ensure core depot capability is properly planned and implemented
    • DA Pam 700-127 IPS Procedures, Para 8-9 -
      • Provides detailed information about the Army DMSP, as well as how it is developed and what it must contain.
  • US Air Force
    • AFMAN 63-122, Chapter 5, provides information on depot activation, including the requirements for:
      • Depot Activation (DA) in the acquisition cycle
      • DA process for Depot Source of Repair with organic designated workloads
      • PSM's responsibilities for updating Depot Maintenance Activation Plan
      • Depot Maintenance Activation Working Group (DMAWG)
  • US Navy
    • Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Standard Work Package (SWP) 6.7.3-103: Depot Capability Planning 
      • Outlines standardized procedures for depot-level capability planning, which includes both public and private maintenance facilities.
    • NAVAIR SWP 6.7.3-104: Depot Capability Establishment
      • Provides Maintenance Program Coordinators (MPCs) with standardized procedures for
        • Developing and establishing depot-level capability, which includes both public and private maintenance facilities for Naval Aviation weapons systems.
        • The capability establishment process is a systematic approach for translation of depot level maintenance requirements into established capabilities.”
    • NAVAIR SWP 6100-001: Establishment of Fleet Readiness Center Depot Level Repair Capability, provides standardized processes and procedures for developing and establishing depot level repair capability.