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Depot Level Maintenance

ALCL 022


Material maintenance or repair requiring the overhaul, upgrading, or rebuilding of parts, assemblies, or subassemblies, and the testing and reclamation of equipment as necessary, regardless of the source of funds for the maintenance or repair or the location at which the maintenance or repair is performed. The term includes (1) all aspects of software maintenance classified by the Department of Defense as of July 1, 1995, as depot-level maintenance and repair, and (2) interim contractor support or contractor logistics support (or any similar contractor support), to the extent that such support is for the performance of services described in the preceding sentence.

General Information

In simple terms, depot-level maintenance can be thought of in terms of a capability consisting of skills, facilities and equipment required to perform specified maintenance tasks. For each weapon system, the determination of which maintenance tasks require depot-level maintenance capability is accomplished in the supportability analysis processes known as "maintenance task analysis" and "level of repair analysis".

Depot maintenance can be accomplished by both commercial and government entities, including 20 DoD facilities designated as "major depot-level activities."  Actual allocation of workload between the two sectors is partially governed by additional depot maintenance-related statutes, including:

  • 10 USC 2464Core Logistics Capabilities
  • 10 USC 2466, Limitations on the Performance of Depot-Level Maintenance and Materiel
  • 10 USC 2469, Contract to Perform Workloads Previously Performed by Depot-Level Activities of the Department of Defense: requirement of competition
  • 10 USC 2474, Centers of Industrial and Technical Excellence: designation; public-private partnerships

With regard to Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), additional info is contained within the PPP for Strategic Business Collaboration Community of Practice  (CoP) site.