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Full-Rate Production Systems


General Information

Continuation into full-rate production results from a successful Full-Rate Production Decision Review (FRPDR) by the MDA or his/her designee. The FRPDR follows the completion of initial operational test and evaluation of representative production products, to scale up production and/or fielding. The knowledge required to support this approval shall include demonstrated control of the manufacturing process, acceptable performance and reliability, the establishment of adequate sustainment and support systems, and for MDAPs, an ICE and an ITRA..  The FRPDR assesses a number of areas, based on manufacturing/quality assessments and the test and evaluation of the Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) systems. The MDA may consult with the requirements validation authority as part of the decision making process to ensure that capability requirements are current. Key questions include:

  • Are the manufacturing processes under control?
  • Can the system be reliably produced?
  • Can the system be produced at an affordable cost?
  • Are critical processes under control?
  • Have key issues been resolved with appropriate changes to the Product Baseline?
  • Have necessary statutory and regulatory provisions been met?
  • Have all risks been identified, including appropriate mitigation plans?

The Adaptive Acquisition Framework Document Identification (AAFDID) (https://www.dau.edu/aafdid/Pages/About.aspx) tool, identifies the statutory and regulatory requirements associated with this decision. In accordance with DoDI 5000.88:Engineering of Defense Systems, Section 3.5.a., a Production Readiness Review should be held to determine whether the producer has accomplished adequate production planning for entering Full-Rate Production (FRP). The decision to proceed into Full-Rate Production will be documented in an Acquisition Decision Memorandum (ADM).

In the FRP effort of the MCA's Production and Deployment (P&D) Phase, the remaining production or deployment of the product is completed, leading to Full Operational Capability or Full Deployment. FRP is the highest level of production readiness. There should be no significant manufacturing risks. Operations should have achieved Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) 9 prior to entering FRP, and achieve MRL 10 during this portion of P&D.  If production quantities are sufficient, manufacturing processes should be under statistical control.  During this phase, fully funded quantities of systems and supporting materiel and services for the program are delivered to the users. Some follow-on testing might occur during this phase to ensure that deficiencies identified earlier have been corrected. As technology, software, and threats change, FOT&E shall be considered to assess current mission performance and inform operational users during the development of new capability requirements.