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Functional Configuration Audit (FCA)


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Functional Configuration Audit (FCA)


The formal examination of functional characteristics of a configuration item, or system, to verify that the item has achieved the requirements specified in its functional and/or allocated configuration documentation.

Alternate Definition

An audit formally examines that each configuration item meets the functional characteristics stated in its item performance specification. For a system as a whole, the audit examines the system functional characteristics has achieved the requirements in the allocated baseline.

General Information

Functional Configuration Audit (FCA) examines the functional characteristics of the configured product and verifies that the product has met, via test results, the requirements specified in its functional baseline documentation approved at the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) and Critical Design Review (CDR). FCAs will be conducted on both hardware- or software-configured products and will precede the Physical Configuration Audit (PCA) of the configured product. In some cases, especially for very large, complex configuration items (CIs) and systems, the audits may be accomplished in increments. Each increment may address a specific functional area of the system/CI and will document any discrepancies that are found in the performance capabilities of that increment. After all of the increments have been completed, a final (summary) FCA may be held to address the status of all of the action items that have been identified by the incremental meetings andto document the status of the FCA for the system or CI in the minutes and certifications. In this way, the audit is effectively accomplished with a minimum of complications.

  • The ability of the developed design to meet the specified performance requirements. The FCA addresses this concern.
  • The accuracy of the documentation reflecting the production design. This concern is addressed by the PCA.

A Functional Configuration Audit may also be conducted concurrently with the System Verification Review (SVR) if desired.