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Functional Services Manager (FSM)


The lead for developing, coordinating, and resourcing the requirement and overseeing it throughout the acquisition process.

General Information

Functional Services Manager (FSM).  FSMs are responsible for the security, cost, schedule, and performance of a specific services acquisition project.  They are the lead for developing, coordinating, and resourcing the requirement and overseeing it through the acquisition process.  They require accomplishment of project objectives and oversee acquisition of services to meet the user's mission needs.

FSMs will be designated by the requiring activity under most circumstances.  The FSM is responsible for developing the preferred services acquisition solution, including securing Services Requirements Review Board (SRRB) approval when necessary, considering the following:

  • Initial acquisition strategy
  • Business approach
  • Assumptions
  • An assessment of project and mission risk
  • Technology development or other innovations (if any)
  • Risk strategies
  • Cost targets
  • Contract surveillance and oversight strategy
  • Market Research
  • Performance metrics

The FSM leads a Multi-Functional Team (MFT) through a services acquisition using the Seven-Step Services Acquisition Process described in the Services Pathway of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework.  Some DoD organizations use the title Services Acquisition Manager instead of FSM.