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Integrated Baseline Review (IBR)

APMT 036


Review of a contractor's Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB). It is conducted by Program Managers (PMs) and their technical staffs, or Integrated Product Teams (IPTs), on contracts requiring compliance with DoD Earned Value Management System (EVMS) criteria requirements within 6 months after contract award. The Government and the Contractor will jointly assess the Contractor's baseline to be used for performance measurement to ensure complete coverage of the statement of work, logical scheduling of the work activities, adequate resourcing, and identification of inherent risks.

Alternate Definition

The goal of the IBR is for the government and contractor to achieve a shared understanding of the risks inherent in the PMB and the management control processes needed to execute the program.  The IBR focuses on understanding the realism of performing to the Performance Measurement Baseline.

Alternate Definition Source

DoD Earned Value Management Implementation Guide

General Information

The purpose of the IBR process is to confirm the contract PMB covers the entire technical scope of the work, the work is scheduled realistically and accurately, the reducible and irreducible risks are reviewed, and the proper amount and mix of resources have been assigned to accomplish all contractual requirements. A realistic PMB contributes directly to effective management of acquisition programs.

The IBR Process benefits PMs in the following ways:

  • Lays a solid foundation for mutual understanding of project risks
  • Provides an invaluable opportunity to compare PMs’ expectations, and to address differences before problems arise
  • Provides project management teams with a thorough understanding of the project plan and its risks, allowing early intervention and the application of resources to address project challenges
  • Increases confidence in the project PMB, which provides a powerful, proactive, program management capability to obtain timely and reliable cost and schedule projections.


A successful IBR provides both the government and contractor PMs with a shared understanding of the risk in the following five areas.

  1. Technical Risk
  2. Schedule Risk
  3. Cost Risk
  4. Resource Risk
  5. Management Processes Risk