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Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element - Facilities & Infrastructure


General Information

As called out in Appendix A of the Product Support Manager (PSM) Guidebook and amplified in the IPS Element Guidebook, the Facilities and Infrastructure management portfolio consists of the permanent and semi-permanent real property assets required to support a system, including studies to define types of facilities or facility improvements, location, space needs, environmental and security requirements, and equipment. It includes facilities for training, equipment storage, maintenance, supply storage, ammunition storage, and so forth.

Key efforts include:

  • Facilities Plan Management
    • Facilities and facility improvement studies design and execution for the other eleven IPS elements (i.e., Maintenance Planning and Management, Information Technology (IT) Systems Continuous Support, Training & Training Support, etc.)
    • Location selection
    • Space requirements determination
    • Environmental requirements determination
    • Security requirements determination
    • Utilities requirements determination
    • Storage requirements determination
    • Equipment requirements determination
    • Existing versus new facilities determination
  • Site Activation


Programs' responsibilities for Facilities and Infrastructure vary depending on the scope and outcomes of the program. Generally, for programs delivering weapon systems, coordination with the appropriate installation, test range, or other facilities' proponent organizations is required early in the acquisition process. The funding, management, sustainment, upgrade and even disposal of facilities may be the responsibilities of multiple organizations. Program leadership must examine each facilities' requirement to determine the appropriate management approach.