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Materiel Fielding Plan (MFP)


Plan to ensure smooth transition of system from developer to user.

General Information

The objectives of the fielding process and the MFP are to ensure that the fielding, gaining, and supporting commands will be able to successfully execute the fielding process and subsequent onward movement by the gaining command. Key to that process are the Memorandum of Notification (MON) and the New Materiel Introductory Brief (NMIB).

  • The MON serves as the intitial notification to the gaining command of the intent to field the new equipment. It outlines the processes to be followed, responsibilities, points of contact, and other general information. The MON is usually delivered/briefed to the gaining command approximately 2 years prior to fielding.
  • The NMIB is conducted for the gaining command anywhere from 180 to 90 days prior to fielding. The NMIB outlines system characteristics (particularly new or unique), schedule, responsibilities, and administrative instructions. The NMIB forms the basis for the gaining, supporting, and fielding commands to make detailed plans for the fielding process to include such items as manpower required, location, and accountability.

The MFP, MON, and the MNIB also aid in the following areas:

  • Provides sufficient time and advance information to plan, program, and budget for the necessary materiel, personnel,skills, and facilities to properly receive, train, use, maintain, and support new Army systems.
  • Provides sufficient time and advance information to plan, program for, transfer, and support displaced Army systems remaining in service with the United States or its allies.
  • Enables the gaining command to recieve, and deploy material systems that are fully operational and supportable in the military environment.
  • Encourages the use of electronic documents and signatures for staffing and acceptance of various materiel release and fielding information.
  • Helps document all information required to track, stock, ship, and account for the new end items and any additional items associated with the new equipment (tools, spares, manuals, etc).

Army - See PAM 770-2 Procedures for Materiel Fielding and PAM 770-3 Type Classification and Materiel Release Procedures.  Supersedes/replaces PAM 700-142.  

Air Force - The materiel fielding is the process by which systems and equipment are delivered to and put into service by operational units in the field.  Materiel fielding plans address levels of maintenance, sources of repair, sustainment partnering relationships, source of supply, support equipment, training, and use of interim contractor support or contractor logistics.  The PM develops and documents materiel fielding plans starting at Milestone B and through the production and deployment phase.  At Milestone C and all subsequent production decision reviews, the PM updates the materiel fielding plans to reflect the materiel fielding-related requirements, or any changes in the user’s system/product delivery and acceptance criteria, the user’s operational/mission employment and the user’s requirements to support operator and maintenance training (e.g., Required Assets Available), Initial Operational Capability, and Full Operational Capability.  See USAF MFP Template and DAFPAM 63-128 for additional guidance and information related to the materiel fielding process.