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Net-Ready Performance Attributes


A Mandatory KPP that is intended to ensure new and modified Information Systems (IS) fit into DoD architectures and infrastructure to the maximum extent practicable. The NR KPP is applicable to Information System Initial Capabilities Documents (IS-ICDs), and all Capability Development Documents (CDDs) and Capability Production Documents (CPDs) addressing IS, regardless of classification or sensitivity of the data handled by the IS, unless defined as non-DoD Information Network (DoDIN) Information Technology (IT).

Alternate Definition

Net-Ready performance attributes determine criteria for interoperability, and operationally effective end-to-end information exchanges which are traceable to their associated operational context, and are technically achievable, quantifiable, measurable, testable, unambiguous, supported by documented trade-off analysis, and defined in a manner that supports efficient and effective test and evaluation (T&E). The net-ready content identifies operational, communications, and computers requirements in terms of threshold and objective values for Measures of Effectiveness (MOEs) and Measures of Performance (MOPs). The net-ready content covers all communication, computing, Electromagnetic (EM) spectrum, and Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) control requirements involving information elements among producer, sender, receiver, and consumer. Information elements include the information, product, and service exchanges. These exchanges enable successful completion of the warfighter mission or joint business processes. Sponsors should ensure consistency between net-ready content and any intelligence interoperability requirements identified in the document. The net-ready performance attribute ensures interoperability between individually developed and fielded capability solutions. The net-ready content within the Joint Interoperability Section of the Capability Development Document (CDD) and Information Systems-CDD (IS-CDD) ensures interoperability between individually developed and fielded capability solutions. As part of the statutory duties of the Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC), it must ensure DoD Components develop, acquire, test, deploy, and maintain IS. The net-ready content in the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) Manual, Section 7, the Joint Interoperability Section, is applicable to all CDDs and IS-CDDs.