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Product Support and Sustainment Awards

ALCL 115
Alternate Definition

This article provides a consolidated listing of DoD Product Support, Logistics, and Sustainment awards and recognition.

General Information

The DoD has long recognized outstanding performance and excellence in delivering affordable readiness to our warfighters, by both individuals and organizations across a range of product support, sustainment, logistics and maintenance activities. The benefits of such programs include recognizing superior achievement, fostering innovation, incentivizing excellence, fostering pride and professionalism, rewarding outstanding performance, encouraging quality and continuous improvement, and enhancing awareness.

The primary individual and organizational annual DoD-level awards of interest to the DoD life cycle logistics and product support manager communities. Intended to recognize outstanding performance across the DoD logistics, product support, sustainment, maintenance, supply, materiel readiness, and DMSMS enterprise include:

Several related Service product support, logistics, and sustainment recognition programs of potential interest also include:

See also “Incentives - Motivating Achievement of Desired Product Support Outcomes” ACQuipedia article for additional information on the subject of incentivizing outstanding performance within the product support and sustainment arena. Additionally, see DAU LOG Blog posts entitled "Tips for Writing an Winning Award Nomination Package" and  "Writing an Award Winning Nomination Package (Pt. 2)" for insights into crafting an award-winning submission.