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Systems Engineering in Operations and Support


A methodical and disciplined approach for the specification, design, development, realization, technical management, operations, and retirement of a system.

Alternate Definition
Systems engineering activities in this phase emphasize a fully integrated support program in place for the fielded system to safely operate without any degradation to mission performance. The focus is on:
  • Sustaining the system in the most cost effective manner over its total life cycle
  • Ensuring that the system continues to meet the operational performance requirements for which it was originally designed
    The 'support' aspect of the Operations & Support phase entails two key activities:
    • Sustainment of the system in its operational environment through Collection of important trending data
    • Early detection and reconciliation of any operational shortfalls; and prepare for the eventual Disposal of the system in an environmentally compliant manner IAW with all DoD and federal statutes when that day arrives
General Information

Inputs to the Systems Engineering activities in the Operations & Support phase typically include:


  • Service usage data


Because the system is fielded to a specific service or agency in an operational environment, inputs related to usage data vary considerably. Service regulation and policies dictate the format and timing of much of this type of data.


  • User feedback
  • Failure and discrepancy reports
  • Servic regulations and policyupdates 
  • An updated Systems Engineering Plan (SEP)
  • Service-unique reporting characteristics and processes should be incorporated into the final SEP update for the Operations & Support phase.


Outputs from Systems Engineering activities in the Operations & Support stage include:


  • Inputs to the CDD or CPD for follow-on increments
  • Modification and upgrades to fielded systems as required through the ECP process
  • Value Engineering results
  • Technical Risk Assessment
  • Programmatic ESOH Evaluations (PESHE)
  • NEPA Compliance Schedules
  • Updates to the SEP
  • In-Service performnce and failure data
  • Life Cycle Support Plam