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Technical Data Package (TDP)

ALCL 152


The authoritative technical description of an item. This technical description supports the acquisition, production, inspection, engineering, and logistics support of the item. The description defines the required design configuration and/or performance requirements, and procedures required to ensure adequacy of item performance. It consists of applicable technical data such as models, engineering design data, associated lists, specifications, standards, performance requirements, quality assurance provisions, software documentation and packaging details.

General Information

TDPs define the physical and functional characteristics of a configuration item and its subordinate assemblies, subassemblies, and parts. To accomplish this purpose, TDPs consist of levels (Conceptual, Developmental, or Product Level) a types (2-Dimensional or 3-Dimensional) and one or more elements (e.g., engineering design data).

TDP Levels

The three TDP levels provide for a natural progression of a design from inception to production. A particular TDP level may be required to define a conceptual design, a developmental prototype or limited production design, or full scale production of the item by the original design activity or any other capable manufacturer.  The levels are:

  1. Conceptual level  - A level (1) Conceptual TDP defines design concepts and includes the appropriate information required for analysis and evaluation of those concepts. The data will generally consist of simple sketches/models, artist renderings and/or basic textual data. The data may consist of the system performance specification and conceptual design data as specified by the contract.
  2. Developmental level - A level (2) Developmental TDP provides sufficient data to support the analysis of a specific design approach, the fabrication of prototype materiel for test or experimentation, and limited production by the original design activity or with assistance from the original design activity. The data may consist of the unique item specifications for all system Configuration Items (CIs) and developmental design data and any required associated lists as specified by the contract.
  3. Product level - A level (3) Product Level TDP provides the information necessary to fully define the item and enable the procurement or manufacture of an item. The product shall be defined to the extent necessary for a competent manufacturer to produce an item, which duplicates the physical, interface, and functional characteristics of the original product, without additional design engineering effort or recourse to the original or current design activity. Product data shall reflect the approved, tested, and accepted configuration of the defined delivered item. See Physical Configuration Audit (PCA) for more information.


TDP Types

TDP levels, types, elements and TDP data management products will be identified in accordance with MIL-STD-31000B Technical Data Packages and applicable Data Item Descriptions (DID), as tailored and imposed through the TDP Option Selection Worksheet (Figure 5 in MIL-STD-31000B) or as defined in block 16 of the DD1423, Contract Data Requirements Lists (CDRL) in contracts, purchase orders, and Military Interdepartmental Procurement Requests (MIPRs).

The type will either be a 2-Dimensional Technical Data Package (2D TDP) or a 3-Dimensional Technical Data Package (3D TDP).

While a 2D TDP will be based on 2 dimensional engineering drawings in accordance with American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)  Y14.100 series standards, a 3D TDP may be delivered as 3D native models, 2D drawings derived from the 3D native models, 3D Intelligent (3Di) portable document format (pdf) viewable data derived from the 3D native models or neutral files derived from the 3D native models.

(Note – if there is a broad need for the files to be viewable by personnel without access to the native Computer-Aided Design (CAD) format, one should consider also taking delivery of 3Di pdf viewable data. A viewable example of the ISO 32000-1 pdf data is included as Appendix B to MIL-STD-31000B Technical Data Packages.)

TDP Elements

TDP elements describe the various components of the TDP. TDP elements consist of the engineering design data needed for the given level and type of TDP. TDP elements include engineering design data and associated lists, Special Inspection Equipment (SIE), specifications, software documentation, Special Packaging Instruction (SPI) documents, QAP and special tooling engineering design data and associated lists.

TDP Acquisition

Procuring activities acquire technical data and TDP data management products to achieve the design, production, management, re-procurement, maintenance, logistics support and use of the product. The activity will tailor the requirements for each data product to ensure that the essential data necessary to meet the acquisition programs’ long term needs is acquired. Product support needs may include data necessary to:

  • Effectively catalog and acquire spare/repair parts, support equipment, and all classes of supply
  • Define the configuration baseline of the system (hardware and software) to effectively support the Warfighter with the best capability at the time it is needed
  • Operate, maintain, and train on the equipment to maximize its effectiveness and availability