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Physical Configuration Audit (PCA)2877324/21/2021 9:17:37 PMMIL-HDBK-61A, Military Handbook Configuration Management Guide DoD Physical Configuration This re-auditing in these circumstances is advisable regardless of whether the contractor Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClassB4F1581704FC4F10B63C2D5A86F42680">Physical examination of the actual configuration of the item being produced. It verifies that the related design documentation matches the item as specified in the contract. The system product baseline if finalized and validated at the PCA.</div>
Peer Reviews2877304/21/2021 9:06:01 PMAn excellent definition may be found in GAO-18-568G, Government Auditing Standards (see paragraph 5.70 Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClassA94B960ED22842B3AA925256AB1DF61E">Independent management reviews of supplies and services contracts. Pre-award peer reviews are conducted on supplies and services contracts, independent management reviews (formerly called post-award peer reviews) are conducted on services contracts. DoD components conduct independent management reviews for contracts with a total value of $100 million or more for services in their post-award period and for those contracts deemed as special interest.</div>
Military Commercial Derivative Aircraft (MCDA) and FAA Approved Meet The Intent (MTI)1098066/9/2021 6:58:34 PMThe purpose of this article is to define the relationship between FAA regulation and USAF policy as it pertains to MCDA platforms Define the MTI effort and impacts of not meeting Article/quick.aspxFalse
Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS)28842510/28/2021 11:02:39 PMDPAS is a DoD property management system and is the Accountable Property System of Record (APSR) for over 32 DoD agencies (i.e. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Defense Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClass33136A3D56034111AD76CF370D78283F">DPAS is a DoD property management system and is the Accountable Property System of Record (APSR) for over 32 DoD agencies (i.e. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) etc.) and military services. DPAS contains four modules, including Property Accountability, Maintenance &amp; Utilization, Warehouse Management, and Materiel Management. This program is administered by the DLA Logistics Catalog and Data Solutions (LCDS), a portfolio of the Information Operations section of the DLA.</div>
Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element - Product Support Management2882351/12/2022 5:55:01 PMProduct Support Manager (PSM) Product Support Manager (PSM) Toolkit Product Support Status Accounting (CSA) Configuration auditing Performance-Based Logistics (PBL Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClass34DF123E7C824EBCB3FA69861C17900E">The development and implementation of Product Support Strategies (PSS), and the planning and management of cost and performance across the product support value chain, from design through disposal, to ensure supportability is considered throughout the system life cycle. This is accomplished by balancing the performance outcomes of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability (RAM), and reduced Total Ownership Cost (TOC). The scope of Product Support Management planning and execution includes the enterprise level integration of all 12 Integrated Product Support (IPS) Elements throughout the lifecycle commensurate with the roles and responsibilities of the Product Support Manager (PSM).</div>
Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element - Supply Support2881251/12/2022 5:51:57 PMPBL Guidebook PSM Guidebook IPS Element Guidebook LA Guidebook (ILA) PPP Guidebook (Partnering) O&S Cost Maintaining records and documentation for auditing purposes Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClassD0EBAC5DCBC644D6993CB08F53A2D53C">The management actions, procedures and techniques necessary to determine requirements to acquire, catalog, receive, store, transfer, issue and dispose of spares, repair parts, and supplies. Supply support includes provisioning for initial support, as well as acquiring, distributing, and replenishing inventories. Proper supply support management results in having the right spares, repair parts, and all classes of supplies available, in the right quantities, at the right place, at the right time, at the right price.</div>
Sampling Approaches and Techniques2885544/21/2021 9:06:10 PMto performance audits described in the Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards Judgment sampling is useful for auditing processes and process segments that do not lend Article/quick.aspxFalse
Engineering Change Proposals (ECP)28780612/14/2021 6:31:07 PMDoD Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Guidebook DoD Product Support Manager's (PSM) Guidebook Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element Guidebook Open Systems Architecture Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClassD8A8BBCAC6744054BFB1E2562092EF93">The documentation by which a proposed engineering change is submitted to the responsible authority recommending that a change to an original item of equipment be considered, and the design or engineering change be incorporated into the article to modify, add to, delete, or supersede original parts.</div>
Audits2875874/21/2021 9:01:36 PMDCAA Audit Manual DCMA Contract Audit Follow-up FAR Part 42 Contract Administration and Audit Services DFARS Part 242 Contract Administration CLM 103 Quality Assurance Auditing Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClass8505D107DA9E472AA4BEF3350C51BD63">Systematic examination of records and documents to determine adequacy and effectiveness of budgeting, accounting, financial, and related policies and procedures, compliance with applicable statutes, regulations, policies, and prescribed procedures, reliability, accuracy, and completeness of financial and administrative records and reports, and the extent to which funds and other resources are properly protected and effectively used.</div>
Government Contract Property Receipt and Issue System2883034/21/2021 9:04:16 PMFAR 45.101 FAR 52.245-1 DFARS 252.242-7004 DoD Guidebook for Contract Property Administration (Dec IND 205V Contract Government Property Management Systems and Auditing Concepts Article/quick.aspxFalse

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