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Government Contract Property Receipt and Issue System2883033/29/2022 8:07:44 PMPerformance Learning Director of Industrial Property IND 105V Contract Property Fundamentals IND 205V Contract Government Property Management Systems and Auditing Concepts Article/quick.aspxFalse
Sale and Transfer of Federal Personal Property to Original Equipment Manufacturer2873363/31/2022 2:59:01 PMIND 105 - Contract Property Fundamentals IND 205 - Contract Government Property Management Systems and Audit Concepts Performance Learning Director of Industrial Property Article/quick.aspxFalse
Risk of Loss and Liability for Government Property2882163/31/2022 12:04:24 PM2.1 Definitions FAR 45 Government Property FAR 47.303 Standard Delivery Terms and Contract Clauses Upon acceptance of the HMMWV, it is no longer GFP accountable to the contract Article/quick.aspxFalse
Policy on Providing Government Property to Contractors2881913/30/2022 2:10:59 PMrequires the Contractor to maintain a Property Management System in accordance with FAR 52.245-1 Authorities of the Property Administrator IND 105V Contract Property Fundamentals Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClass64CA3A1505B24C029FCF5FAE5D9CFC69">“Government property” means all property owned or leased by the Government. Government property includes both Government-furnished property and contractor-acquired property.</div>
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)2879516/28/2022 6:42:01 PMDLA at a Glance Overview and Printable System DoDI 5000.64 Accountability and Management of DoD Equipment and Other Accountable Property DoDI 5010.40 Managers' Internal Control Article/quick.aspxFalse
Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element - Information Technology (IT) Systems Continuous Support2885063/22/2022 4:38:55 PMentity in order to identify Intellectual Property (IP) and data rights for inclusion in subsequent contracts Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClassBDA0597B3C4144A39117051878448A73"><br></div>
Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element - Maintenance Planning and Management2877663/22/2022 6:20:17 PM20-101 Integrated Life Cycle Management AFI 63-131 Modification Program Management MIL-HDBK-2155 Failure Reporting, Analysis and Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClassF09C53B159D44591AC4264A60289403E">Maintenance Planning and Management establishes maintenance concepts and requirements for the life of the system for both hardware and software. It includes, but is not limited to the following&#58;&#160; • Levels of repair • Repair times • Testability requirements • Support Equipment (SE) needs • Training and Training Aids, Devices, Simulators and Simulations (TADSS) • Manpower skills • Facilities • Inter-service, organic and contractor mix of repair responsibility • Deployment planning/site activation •&#160;Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) • Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+) • Diagnostics/Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) • Sustainment • Performance Based Logistics (PBL)</div>
National Stock Numbers (NSN) 2881523/30/2022 5:02:48 PMMIL-STD-3018, Parts Management SD-19 Parts Management Guide SAE GEIA-STD-0007 Logistics Product Data 3 DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures Article/quick.aspxFalse
Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Incentives - Motivating Achievement of Desired Support Outcomes2881504/1/2022 4:58:34 PMMultiyear Contracts Acquisition of Property 10 U.S.C. 2306c Articles and Services of Industrial Facilities Sale to Persons Outside the Department of Article/quick.aspxFalse
Loaning Property to Contractors2882159/11/2017 4:41:43 PMPerformance Learning Director of Industrial Property IND 105V Contract Property Fundamentals IND 205V Contract Government Property Management Systems and Auditing Concepts Article/quick.aspxtxtFalse<div class="ExternalClass834D27D4AF504C748F1B0C1B7A1261DB">Property in the possession of, or directly acquired by, the Government and subsequently furnished to the Contractor for performance of a contract. Government-furnished property includes, but is not limited to, spares and property furnished for repair, maintenance, overhaul, or modification. Government-furnished property also includes contractor-acquired property if the contractor-acquired property is a deliverable under a cost contract when accepted by the Government for continued use under the contract.</div>

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