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Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS)2873618/19/2020 3:20:23 PMrobust capability requirements portfolio management and timely and cost-effective This information can help DoD focus science and technology (S&T) and risk reduction efforts Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClass1E5EF59CBC284E85A86839781AC9182C">Supports the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) and the Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC) in identifying, assessing, and prioritizing joint military capability requirements.</div>
Navy Gate Review Process2881552/19/2020 7:09:09 PMThe goal of the review process is Cycle Logistics Program Management Requirements Management Risk Management Science and Technology Management Systems Engineering Test & Evaluation Article/quick.aspxFalse
Risk Assessment2882595/25/2020 9:10:54 PM2006 Supplement "Technology Transition More Complete Picture" 2006 Supplement "Technology Management Best Practices Reducing Technology Identification, Evaluation, and Selection Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClassE5AF8B473041409EA45659E439794ADD">Answers the questions, “What are the likelihood and consequence of the risk? And “How high is the risk?” Risk analysis provides an estimate of each risk's likelihood and consequence, and the resulting risk level to more effectively manage risks and prioritize risk mitigation efforts. The risk level is noted in the Risk Reporting Format adopted by the program.</div>
Program of Record 2881515/26/2020 2:17:31 PMas much or more than a program management term, indicating this phase of lifecycle – when of equipment, the continuation of non-materiel initiatives, the extension of science and Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClassA21138719D1C410E9D3A36870C35D777">1.) Program as recorded in the current Future Years Defense Program (FYDP) or as updated from the last FYDP by approved program documentation (e.g., Acquisition Program Baseline (APB), acquisition strategy, or Selected Acquisition Report (SAR)). If program documentation conflicts with latest FYDP, the FYDP takes priority. 2.) May also refer to a program having successfully achieved formal program initiation, normally Milestone B.</div>
Opportunity Management2882625/25/2020 7:58:56 PMWork Breakdown Structure CLM-017 Risk Management WSE-002 Technology Assessment and Transition Management WSM-002 Risk Management Workshop Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClassA667CB7F84654495ABEF2A0CE25EDC37">In the context of the DoD Risk, Issue, and Opportunity Management Process, a process for planning, identifying, analyzing, managing, and monitoring initiatives that yield potential program cost reductions, schedule reductions, and/or performance improvements.</div>
Major Automated Information System (MAIS) Programs - Sustainment2891668/4/2020 5:55:48 PMSupport 41 USC 2308, Modular Contracting for Information Technology 10 U.S.C. 2445a Definitions Office of Management and Budget Circular A–94 Public Law Article/quick.aspxFalse
Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs2877049/8/2020 2:43:29 PMThe STTR program requires small technology businesses to partner with research Contracting Science and Technology Management Small Business Program Management Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClass684ECFBDA8AB46F7AAA1824121911316">Technologies developed under the congressionally established SBIR and STTR programs. The DoD utilizes the SBIR and SBTT programs to competitively award research or research and development (R/R&amp;D) contracts to small technology businesses with the intention of meeting a defense need. The STTR program requires small technology businesses to partner with research institutions, such as universities.</div>
Business Process Reengineering2876299/18/2020 7:43:38 PM1072; DODI 5010.43 Implementation and Management of the DOD-Wide Continuous Process the power of modern information technology to radically redesign our business processes in Article/quick.aspxFalse
Supportability Testing (Logistics Test & Evaluation)2878818/6/2020 11:34:53 AMPBL) Test & Evaluation Program Management Risk Management Science and Technology Management Test and Evaluation Policy DoDI 3200.18 Management and Operation of the Major Range and Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClassE37F813DF61F417EBB79B982F9DC7BBC">A key component of availability. It includes design, technical support data, and maintenance procedures to facilitate detection, isolation, and timely repair and/or replacement of system anomalies. This includes factors such as diagnostics, prognostics, real time maintenance data collection, and Human System Integration (HSI) considerations.</div>
Logistics Human Capital Strategy (HCS)2878587/14/2020 7:41:35 PMof this vision is competency-based management of the DoD's logistics workforce, manifest Success in Executing Life Cycle Management" Defense AT&L Magazine Article (Mar-Apr 2012 Article/quick.aspxFalse