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Data Rights, Identification and Assertion of use, release or disclosure restrictions, DFARS 252.227-70172885633/3/2022 7:40:44 PMConsidering noncommercial computer software, does the listing of the whole or the individual modules in the software have an impact Article/quick.aspxFalse
Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element - Information Technology (IT) Systems Continuous Support2885063/22/2022 4:38:55 PM-7014(a) Rights in Non-commercial Computer Software and Non-commercial computer Software Documentation (Mar 2011) DFARS 211.274-2 Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClassBDA0597B3C4144A39117051878448A73"><br></div>
Configuration Management (CM)2888073/17/2022 3:42:25 PMManagement in Systems and Software Engineering (Fee Required) IEEE-1012-2012 - IEEE Standard for System and Software Verification Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClassE89EE4227C0F4415AF19F0C3984911A3">A management process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product's performance, functional, and physical attributes with its requirements, design and operational information throughout its life.</div>
Software Sustainment2873233/3/2022 7:39:34 PMHowever, when software fails it is due to a latent defect in the software code, and is rectified by developing and Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClass2F5C19F0ED8B443B86A8CA8010077830">Computer programs, procedures, and possibly associated documentation and data pertaining to the operation of a computer system.</div>
Engineering Change Proposals (ECP)2878063/21/2022 12:59:54 PMManagement in Systems and Software Engineering (Fee Required) IEEE-1042-1987 - IEEE Guide to Software Configuration Management (Fee Required) ISO Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClassD8A8BBCAC6744054BFB1E2562092EF93">The documentation by which a proposed engineering change is submitted to the responsible authority recommending that a change to an original item of equipment be considered, and the design or engineering change be incorporated into the article to modify, add to, delete, or supersede original parts.</div>
Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Implementation2873154/1/2022 4:06:48 PMFor software intensive programs, it is critical to embed software representatives early in the program to ensure software-unique management issues are addressed Article/quick.aspxFalse
Types of Funds2878723/3/2022 7:35:27 PMAppropriation categories may be considered broad, generic groupings or “types” of federal equipment, material, or computer application software; its Development Test and Evaluation Article/quick.aspxFalse
Product Support Analysis (PSA)2880694/5/2022 4:57:16 PMTechAmerica Standard TA-STD-0017 Product Support Analysis MIL-Handbook-502A Product Support Analysis US Army Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) PowerLOGJ Tool US Army Article/quick.aspxFalse
Core Logistics Analysis (CLA)2885123/17/2022 7:23:35 PMDoD Product Support Manager's (PSM) Guidebook DoD Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Guidebook DoD O&S Cost Management Guidebook Product Support Business Case Analysis (BCA Article/quick.aspxFalse
Functional Configuration Audit (FCA)2874643/3/2022 7:39:23 PMwill be conducted on both hardware- or software-configured products and will precede the Manufacturing Program Management Information Technology/Software Systems Engineering Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClass5743B4169239455F93D9A6125507A33A">The formal examination of functional characteristics of a configuration item, or system, to verify that the item has achieved the requirements specified in its functional and/or allocated configuration documentation.</div>

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