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Post-Production Software Support (PPSS)2879154/21/2021 9:10:30 PMChapter 4-, Software Sustainment, to the discussion of post-deployment software support and post-production software support Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClass9489EE623031412D8E4EAE4F2DFE9BB2">Those software support activities that occur after the production of the system has been completed.</div>
Configuration Management2888074/21/2021 9:11:33 PMManagement in Systems and Software Engineering (Fee Required) IEEE-1012-2012 - IEEE Standard for System and Software Verification Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClassE89EE4227C0F4415AF19F0C3984911A3">A management process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product's performance, functional, and physical attributes with its requirements, design and operational information throughout its life.</div>
Statement of Work - Performance Work Statement - Statement of Objectives2877056/17/2021 12:44:45 PMService Acquisition Mall Defense Acquisition Guidebook, Chapter 10, Acquisition of Services It is possible that a "mature" program, such as a software product which is in the Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClass04C2C8E260634033BF76903441D21DCB">That portion of a contract that establishes and defines all nonspecification requirements for contractor's efforts either directly or with the use of specific cited documents.</div>
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)2880658/27/2021 6:59:10 PMBoeing Defense, Space and Security PDM software or PLM software what's the difference? PTC Product Life Cycle Article/quick.aspxFalse
Logistics Modeling and Simulation (M&S)2878574/21/2021 9:09:35 PMAir University Wargames, Simulations & Exercises Product Support Analytical Tools to provide live data on actual hardware, software and human performance in an actual Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClassBEFFC8D026C44F0F96D8269B6E08E8C1">In the context of Modeling and Simulation&#58; - Verification&#58; The process of determining that a model or simulation implementation and its associated data accurately represent the developer's conceptual description and specifications. - Validation&#58; The process of determining the degree to which a model or simulation and its associated data accurately represent the real world from the perspective of the model's intended uses. - Accreditation&#58; The official certification that a model or simulation and its associated data are acceptable for a specific purpose or use.</div>
Agile Software Development2885284/21/2021 9:14:47 PMSoftware practices are simply techniques, guidelines or rules that are used to develop the software All this results in refinement and completion of the overall software Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClassD7568BC5D6DB4D91A67198E3450EF123">End user(s) team with developers in order to make instant decisions on user functionality. High level requirements are initially prioritized and developed quickly by small teams in order to get a working product quickly to the customer. Multiple, rapidly executed Increments are developed and capabilities are released to the customer as soon as possible. Prototypes may be used as a starting place and utilize a modular, open-systems approach. Agile methods are typically used for small, low risk projects.</div>
Integrated Product Support (IPS) Elements2881167/14/2021 7:54:53 PMneeded to operate and support mission critical iIT systems hardware/software systems and training devices increase in complexity, more and more software is being used Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClass9A446CDC3837474FB421D0C084502EB1"><div class="ExternalClass53E2CD9450BD4625B2374A0947079F7C" style="padding-left&#58;10px;"><br>Product support is scoped by the IPS Elements, which provide a structured and integrated framework for managing product support. They are considered during the development of the Product Support Strategy (PSS) and continuously assessed throughout a system's life cycle and include&#58; · Product Support Management · Design Interface · Sustaining Engineering · Supply Support · Maintenance Planning and Management · Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation (PHS&amp;T) · Technical Data (TD) · Support Equipment · Training and Training Support · Manpower and Personnel · Facilities and Infrastructure ·Information Technology (IT) Systems Continuous Support</div></div>
Services Acquisition Workshop (SAW)2878978/23/2021 12:33:27 PMHow do I request a SAW You can go the Service Acquisition Mall and visit the Skill Development Center Click on “Request a Service Acquisition Workshop (SAW)", or you can send an Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClass84DC188F07C04533B938F1999244B9CF">A facilitated workshop built around a specific acquisition and its multi-functional team (MFT). The SAW facilitation team mentors and guides the MFT in developing their acquisition planning, market research, performance requirements, request for proposals, source selection process, and contractor performance assessment planning and execution documents.</div>
Life Cycle Cost (LCC)2876604/21/2021 9:00:16 PMfamily tree composed of hardware, software, services, data, and facilities; and relate the assembly, and test of hardware and software for prototypes and/or engineering development Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClassBDC2C61EFE01441191438216AF200BBE">For a defense acquisition program, LCC consists of research and development (R&amp;D) costs, investment costs, operating and support costs, and disposal costs over the entire life cycle. These costs include not only the direct costs of the acquisition program, but also include indirect costs that logically would be attributed to the program. In this way, all costs that are logically attributed to the program are included, regardless of funding source or management control.</div>
Functional Configuration Audit (FCA)2874644/21/2021 9:16:28 PMwill be conducted on both hardware- or software-configured products and will precede the Manufacturing Program Management Information Technology/Software Systems Engineering Article/quick.aspxFalse<div class="ExternalClass5743B4169239455F93D9A6125507A33A">The formal examination of functional characteristics of a configuration item, or system, to verify that the item has achieved the requirements specified in its functional and/or allocated configuration documentation.</div>

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