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ACQuipedia serves as an online encyclopedia of common defense acquisition topics. Each topic is identified as an article. Each article contains a definition, a brief narrative that provides context, and includes links to the most pertinent policy, guidance, tools, practices, and training which further augment understanding and expand depth.

ACQuipedia was developed as a collaborative project to create content around Defense Acquisition-related topics. Articles (topics) will be maintained as a collaborative effort of subject matter experts across the Defense Acquisition University (DAU). Future growth may expand the collaboration of subject matter experts beyond DAU.

ACQuipedia provides the acquisition workforce with quick access to information in a succinct and digestible format. Article content aggregates the most relevant references and learning assets to narrowly focus users and quickly provide high value information.

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ACQUIPEDIA/Life Cycle Logistics
In their oversight role, Congress has continually shown interest in ensuring that programs and…
ACQUIPEDIA/Life Cycle Logistics
NSN Origin The NSN replaced the Federal Stock Number (FSN) in 1974. The FSN was an 11-Digit…
ACQUIPEDIA/Program Management
National and Department of Defense Guidance The President, SECDEF, and the CJCS provide their…
ACQUIPEDIA/Life Cycle Logistics
The goal of the Two-Pass Seven-Gate Governance procedures is to ensure alignment between…
Many books have been written on negotiation techniques. This brief article can only scratch the…
ACQUIPEDIA/Program Management
DOTMLPF-P is the acronym describing non-materiel solutions for capability requirements and stands…