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Life Cycle Logistics

40 for 10: A Decade of Product Support Insights

A decade ago, your OSD and DAU life cycle logistics colleagues organized and authored a series of product support-focused articles in a Product Support Special Issue of a periodical that was then…

40 for 10: A Decade of Product Support Insights

40 for 10: A Decade of Product Support Insights
Bill Kobren

A decade ago, your OSD and DAU life cycle logistics colleagues organized and authored a series of product support-focused articles in a Product Support Special Issue of a periodical that was then called “Defense AT&L Magazine”. In intervening years, the pace, breadth, and depth of published life cycle logistics, product support and sustainment-focused activities -- not to mention published articles -- has continued to accelerate in lockstep with the urgent and critical strategic nature of these rapidly evolving topics. As a public service, allow me to encourage you to take a look at the no-less than 40 published Defense Acquisition Magazine, Defense Acquisition Research Journal, and Defense Standardization Program Journal articles from your DAU logistics faculty colleagues over those intervening years:

  • Why Maintainability Matters: Designing More Maintainable Weapon Systems in an Age of Rising Technology and Complexity (Defense Acquisition Magazine, September-October 2022)
  • Product Support Lessons from an Aircraft Maintenance Officer (Defense Acquisition Magazine, September-October 2022)
  • Under the Product Support Umbrella: Ten Foundational Enablers of Affordable Readiness (Defense Acquisition Magazine, September-October 2022)
  • Breaking the Supply Bottleneck (Defense Acquisition Magazine, June-July 2022)
  • Systems Engineering and Life Cycle Sustainment: The need to Synchronize (Defense Acquisition Magazine (Defense Acquisition Magazine, May-June 2022)
  • Life Cycle Logistics: Key Tenets of Back-to-Basics (Defense Acquisition Magazine, March-April 2022)
  • Book Review “Logistics Engineering and Management” (Defense Acquisition Research Journal, January 2022)
  • Product Support: The Key to Warfighter Readiness (Defense Acquisition Magazine, November-December 2021)
  • Ten Foundational Tenets of Successful Functional Community Governance (Defense Acquisition Magazine, November-December 2021)
  • Model-Based Engineering for Product Support (Defense Acquisition Magazine, July-August 2021)
  • Collaboration with the Commercial Industrial Base: A Powerful DoD Readiness Enabler (Defense Acquisition Magazine, September-October 2020)
  • Twenty Questions Every DoD Product Support Manager Should Be Prepared to Answer (Defense Acquisition Magazine, July-August 2020)
  • The Heart of Weapon Systems Availability (Defense Acquisition Magazine, March-April 2019)
  • Veteran’s Day 2018: A Reminder of Why We Do What We Do (Defense Acquisition Magazine, November-December 2018)
  • Increasing Audit Readiness-Navy Material Management Training (Defense Acquisition Magazine, September-October 2018)
  • The Hidden Costs of Sundowning Weapon Systems (Defense Acquisition Magazine, September-October 2018)
  • Where Do We Go from Here? Guidance for the Product Support Manager (Defense AT&L Magazine, July-August 2018)
  • Sizing the Supply Chain from the Top Down (Defense AT&L Magazine, May- June 2018)
  • DMSMS Management: After Years of Evolution, There’s Still Room for Improvement (Defense AT&L Magazine, January-February 2018)
  • Product Support Should-Cost Opportunities: O&S Strategies to Boost Affordability (Defense AT&L Magazine, November-December 2017) (Cover Article)
  • Cross-Service Collaboration Yields Efficiencies for Diminishing Resources (Defense AT&L Magazine, July-August 2017)
  • Supply Chain Risk – What is it? (Defense AT&L Magazine, March-April 2017)
  • Foundational Principles for a Successful Life Cycle Product Support Strategy (Defense AT&L Magazine, November-December 2016)
  • Book Review “Good to Great” (Defense ARJ, Fall 2016)
  • Supply Chain Risk Management ― An Introduction to the Credible Threat (Defense AT&L Magazine, July-August 2016)
  • Performance Based Logistics . . . What’s Stopping Us? (Defense AT&L Magazine, March-April 2016)
  • PBL: A Readiness Strategy Tailor-Made for Austere Times (Defense AT&L Magazine, May-June 2015)
  • Performance Based Logistics: For Achieving Affordable Readiness (Defense AT&L Magazine, January-February 2015)
  • Use of PBL Product Support Arrangements to Proactively Mitigate the Scourge of DMSMS (Defense Standardization Program Journal, July-September 2014)
  • Application of the Integrated Product Support Elements by the F-35 Joint Program Office (Defense AT&L Magazine, July-August 2014)
  • Your GPS for DoD Product Support: The DoD Integrated Product Support Implementation Roadmap (Defense AT&L Magazine, July-August 2014)
  • The Defense Life-Cycle Logistics Journey: A 10-Year Retrospective of Product Support Transformation (Defense AT&L Magazine, May-June 2014)
  • 3D Printing: How Much Will It Improve the DoD Supply Chain of the Future? (Defense AT&L Magazine, May-June 2014)
  • How Full Is the Toolbox? A Look at Product Support Analysis Tools (Defense AT&L Magazine, January-February 2013)
  • Teamed for Success: The Imperative for Aligning Systems Engineering & Life Cycle Logistics (Defense AT&L Magazine, January-February 2013)
  • Public-Private Partnerships: A Key to Retaining Government and Industry Capabilities (Defense AT&L Magazine, January-February 2013)
  • A New Look at Enablers and Barriers to Performance Based Life Cycle Product Support (PBL) Implementation (Defense Acquisition Research Journal, October 2012)
  • Professionally Developing World-Class Product Support Managers (Defense AT&L Magazine, March-April 2012)
  • Designing for Supportability: Driving Reliability and Maintainability in While Driving Costs Out (Defense AT&L Magazine, March-April 2012)
  • The Product Support Triad: A Critical Convergence (Defense AT&L Magazine, March-April 2012)