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AbilityOne added to Contracting Subway Map

AbilityOne added to Contracting Subway Map

AbilityOne added to Contracting Subway Map
Dr. Diane Bublak
The AbilityOne Program is one of the largest sources of employment in the United States for people who are blind or have significant disabilities; it is a $4 billion annual program. With a mission to employ America’s underutilized workforce, the AbilityOne Program offers employment opportunities to individuals who are blind or have significant disabilities while offering the Federal Government high quality, mission-focused products and services. The Program also hires Veterans and Wounded Warriors.

Federal contracts that include FAR Clause 52.208-9 “Contractor Use of Mandatory Sources of Supply or Services,” require use of AbilityOne products in performance of the contract. DAU and the AbilityOne Program collaborated on the latest addition to the Contracting Subway Map. DAU is pleased to include AbilityOne stops along the lines of the subway track and additional learning resources on current stops where AbilityOne should be included as part of your Market Research.

Explore the Contracting Subway Map to learn how the AbilityOne Program can help meet your procurement needs. You will find a variety of solutions from complex hydraulic/mechanical assemblies to spare parts; over 200 different apparel and individual equipment products for both military and civilian; food solutions from product development to food distribution; medical and dental products; and environmentally friendly office supplies and furnishings. In addition, there are a multitude of service lines of business ranging from total facilities management; multi-channel call centers; administrative services; third-party logistics; mailrooms; and more. To see all the AbilityOne NAICS and PSCs, please visit: ABOR (abilityone.gov) and select the link below “AbilityOne Products and Services.”

CLM 023, DAU AbilityOne Training is also available 24/7 to meet your training needs.