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  3. ACQuipedia Space Systems Acquisition Article Updated
Program Management

ACQuipedia Space Systems Acquisition Article Updated

ACQuipedia Space Systems Acquisition Article Updated

ACQuipedia Space Systems Acquisition Article Updated
Steve Skotte
The ACQuipedia article on Space Systems Acquisition has just been updated to include, among other things, the latest guidance from Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Space Acquisition and Integration (SAF/SQ) which is:
  • On October 31, 2022, a SAF/SQ memo laid out 9 Space Acquisition Tenets. The 9 tenets are intended to drive space acquisitions top three priorities of Speed, Resilience, and Integration. The 31 Oct 2022 memo states, "Our top three priorities for space acquisition include driving speed into our acquisitions in order to deliver new capabilities faster to outpace our adversaries and maintain the technological advantage we get from space; making our space architecture more resilient so that it can be counted on during times of crisis and conflict; and integrating our space architecture with other war fighting domains and across the Department's Operational Imperatives to give our warfighters a strategic edge."
    1. Build Smaller Satellites, Smaller Ground Systems, and Minimize Non-Recurring Engineering
    2. Get the Acquisition Strategy Correct
    3. Enable Teamwork Between Contracting Officer and Program Manager
    4. Award Executable Contracts
    5. Maintain Program Stability
    6. Avoid Special Access Programs (SAPs) and Over Classifying
    7. Deliver Ground Before Launch
    8. Hold Industry Accountable for Results
    9. Execute - Deliver Capabilities that Work, and Deliver them on Schedule and on Cost
  • On April 5, 2023, a SAF/SQ memo outlined the U.S. Space Force’s plan to transform its architecture to a more proliferated and resilient form. These four factors will ensure the Space Force can effectively provide mission capabilities faster to warfighters.
    1. Build Smaller Systems
    2. Use Existing Technology, Designs to Minimize Non-Recurring Engineering
    3. Drive Contract Scope to Three Years or Less from Start to Launch
    4. Use Fixed Price Contracts