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Life Cycle Logistics

Army Civilian Career Management Activity (ACCMA)

Army Civilian Career Management Activity (ACCMA)

Bill Kobren
For those who may not already be aware, at the beginning of FY21 the Department of the Army stood up the new Army Civilian Career Management Activity (ACCMA). See “Belvoir hosts birth of new organization: Army Civilian Career Management Activity” and “Army Civilian Implementation Plan”. According to the latter article, the Army Civilian Career Management Activity (ACCMA) “combined the 32 career programs, portions of HQDA G-3/5/7 Civilian Training and Leader Development, and HQDA G-1 Civilian Personnel, as part of the Civilian Human Resources Agency in July 2020”.

So what does this mean for Army civilian logisticians who fall under one of the career programs listed below? First off, the Army Civilian Career Management Activity: Logistics Career Field office now falls under ACCMA rather than the former CASCOM Civilian Logistics Career Management Office (CLCMO). Secondly, the realignment of Army civilian career programs (CP) has resulted in responsibility for CP 13 Supply Management, CP 15 Quality & Reliability Assurance, CP 17 Materiel Maintenance Management, CP 20 Quality Assurance Specialist (Ammunition Surveillance), CP 24 Transportation and Distribution Management, and CP 33 Ammunition Management today being assigned to the ACCMA Logistics Career Field office.