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Life Cycle Logistics

Army Demilitarization and Trade Security Controls

Army Demilitarization and Trade Security Controls

Bill Kobren
Quick DAU LOG Blog post to advise that our Army colleagues have issued logistics-focused December 15, 2022 Army Regulation 700–144 Demilitarization and Trade Security Controls. This document remains in effect until January 15, 2023. It:
  • Updates Army demilitarization responsibilities (chap 2).
  • Establishes the requirement for item managers to program for and submit annual funding requirements involving preparing excess property for disposal and or demilitarization to the Life Cycle Management Command’s appropriate funding office for consolidation and submittal to Department of the Army (para 2-3o(4)).
  • Updates guidance to comply with Department of Defense Manual 4160.28-M, Volumes 1, 2, and 3 (chap 3, tables 3-1 and 3-3).
  • Adds the Joint conventional ammunition policies and procedures as the single manager for conventional ammunition (para 3-1e).
  • Establishes guidelines for the Demilitarization Resource Recovery and Recycling Reinvestment Program (para 3-3).
  • Updates the change from Army Electronic Product Support to the U.S. Army TACOM, TACOM-unique logistics support applications (paras 3-8d and 3-9a).
  • Updates guidelines to reflect the current demilitarization planning guidance provided in Department of Defense Manual 4160.28-M, Volume 1 (chap 5).
  • Updates guidance to reflect current Web site and process (app C).
  • Replaces Department of Defense Materiel Disposition Manual 4160.21-M with Department of Defense Manual 4160.28-M, Volumes 1, 2, and 3 (throughout).
  • Updates Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office to Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Service (throughout).
  • Replaces major subordinate command and inventory control point with Life Cycle Management Command (throughout).