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Life Cycle Logistics

Article of Interest on Contested Logistics

Article of Interest on Contested Logistics

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Bill Kobren

Was intrigued by a recent article entitled “Buying Time: Logistics for a New American Way of War”. Encourage life cycle logisticians, product support managers, and other sustainment professionals to take a few minutes to read it and think about the points being made. My challenge to you is -- what do you think? Do you agree? Why or why not?

For related perspectives on this important topic, encourage readers to also take a look at last month’s DAU LOG Blog entitled “Sustaining a Resilient Joint Force”, yesterday’s post on the DSB Study of the Dimension of Conflict, as well as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment HON Christopher J. Lowman’s two-part series of articles on “Sustaining a Resilient Joint Force and Defense Ecosystem that Enables Integrated Deterrence (Part 1)” and Part 2.

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