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  3. BCE 3160V “Updating The O&S Cost Estimate” Pilot
Life Cycle Logistics

BCE 3160V “Updating the O&S Cost Estimate” Pilot

BCE 3160V “Updating the O&S Cost Estimate” Pilot

DAU building
Bill Kobren

Our Business and Cost Estimating colleagues are seeking workforce members to participate in the upcoming BCE 3160V Updating the O&S Cost Estimate Student Pilot Class offering 952 scheduled for 27 Sep 2023. This Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course provides students with an opportunity to apply the concepts and methodologies needed to develop operating and support (O&S) cost estimates. Students build an operating and support cost estimate for a fictional operating system. Students construct an operating and support cost estimate to demonstrate their understanding of how system technical characteristics, operating concepts, and support concepts may influence cost estimates across the O&S Cost Estimating Structure (CES). Emphasis is placed on the data, analyses, formulas, and calculations as applicable to DoD systems across the O&S phase. Target attendees include early and mid-career Cost Estimating professionals and mid- to late-career Life Cycle Logisticians. Also, anyone who is involved either directly or indirectly with the cost (and funding) challenges associated with the usage, maintenance, and serviceability of DoD military systems.

As with all DAU student pilots, individuals that participate in this one-day pilot will receive full credit for the course. If you are interested, don’t wait – we anticipate filling the remaining available seats this week!