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Better Buying Power 3.0

By now, most of you have received this morning’s Defense Acquisition Workforce Bulletin entitled “Implementation Directive for Better Buying Power  (BBP) 3.0”, which read:   "Under…

Better Buying Power 3.0

Bill Kobren

By now, most of you have received this morning’s Defense Acquisition Workforce Bulletin entitled “Implementation Directive for Better Buying Power  (BBP) 3.0”, which read:


"Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Frank Kendall released the implementation directives for the third iteration of Better Buying Power initiatives during a Pentagon press conference April 9.


Outlining the need for this updated policy in the...memo, he wrote, "New in Better Buying Power 3.0 is a stronger emphasis on innovation, technical excellence, and the quality of our products. The technological superiority of the United States is now being challenged by potential adversaries in ways not seen since the Cold War. Efficiency and productivity are always important, but the military capability that we provide to our Warfighters is paramount."


Additionally, the Under Secretary also explained that the updated policy will continue to prioritize previously established core initiatives aligning to those goals, including program affordability, "should cost" savings opportunities, competition emphasis, bureaucratic reduction, improved services acquisition and increased professionalism of the workforce.


The full text of the BBP 3.0 implementation directive...and additional resources are available on the BBP homepage."


In addition, if you are interested, a C-SPAN video of yesterday’s USD(AT&L)  BBP 3.0 press briefing is also available. Note that the Undersecretary specifically addresses the initiative to “ensure effective use of Performance-Based Logistics” (which carried over from BBP 2.0) starting at approximately 36:37 of the video, saying  "...the reason that word change is there is I was asked to make that change by…the Assistant Secretary for Logistics and Materiel Readiness.... Counting how many PBLs we have is not the right metric. We want to make sure the ones we have are effective. We will probably increase our use, but we need to do it in cases where it makes sense and we need to make sure it is being done well..."    His comment was part of his response to a question about the iterative staffing process in which the reporter noted the change from "increasing" in BBP 2.0 to "ensuring" effective use of PBL in the final BBP 3.0 implementation directive. Either way, as the implementation memo states, “Under BBP 3.0, we will be placing additional management emphasis and attention on PBL to ensure the effective use of this business approach.”


Note also the full title of the new BBP 3.0 implementation directive. (“Implementation Directive for Better Buying Power 3.0 – Achieving Dominant Capabilities through Technical Excellence and Innovation”) captures well, as the memo itself indicates, that “this iteration of Better Buying Power is the next step in our continuing effort to increase the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of the Department of Defense’s many acquisition, technology, and logistics efforts.”