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  3. CCON 003 Proposal Analysis Credential Is Deployed!!!!

CCON 003 Proposal Analysis Credential is Deployed!!!!

CCON 003 Proposal Analysis Credential is Deployed!!!!

CCON 003 Proposal Analysis Credential is Deployed!!!!
Dr. Renee Butler
Contracting officers are required to purchase supplies and services from responsible sources at fair and reasonable prices. There are various proposal analysis techniques prescribed in the FAR to guide contracting professionals when conducting the analysis of a contractor’s proposal, including Price Analysis, Cost Analysis, Technical Analysis, Cost Realism Analysis, Unit Pricing, Unbalanced Pricing, and Excessive Pass-through. This credential will lead the learner through an examination of the techniques used to conduct price and cost analysis, and will provide an overview of the other techniques.

This credential is recommended for all Defense Acquisition Workforce Members in the Contracting Functional Area following completion of the foundational learning courses, CON 1100V, CON 1200V, and CON 1300V. The credential is comprised of CON 7300V, Price Analysis; and CON 7310V, Cost Analysis. If you have already taken either CON 7300V or CON 7310V (or both), you will automatically get credit for the courses when you apply to CCON 003!

To apply for this credential, go to CCON 003 Proposal Analysis Credential (dau.edu) or in sign into CSOD for CCON 003 at https://dau.csod.com/LMS/Certification/CertificationDetails.aspx?certid=807.