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  3. CCON 025 Contracting For Services Credential Has Now Deployed!

CCON 025 Contracting for Services Credential has now deployed!

CCON 025 Contracting for Services Credential has now deployed!

Ray Ward
Do you work with contracts for services? If so, CCON 025 can help equip you to more effectively perform the pre-award, award, and post-award activities that are so important when contracting for services. The credential requires completion of three online training modules, one virtual instructor-led course (with an option of taking the resident classroom version), and the online capstone exam. You will learn about topics such as performance-based services acquisition, wage determinations, and interagency acquisitions/fair opportunity at a level not covered in Contracting’s basic certification courses. Earn approximately 30 CLPs that count towards the 80-hour biannual continuous learning requirement. You can find full details about the credential and enrollment at CCON 025 Contracting for Services Credential.