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From the Chairman and Executive Editor - Issue 88

From the Chairman and Executive Editor - Issue 88

From the Chairman and Executive Editor - Issue 88
The theme of this edition of the Defense Acquisition Research Journal is “Delivering Performance at the Speed of Relevance: Agile Acquisition Approaches,” which is the same theme as the DAU Alumni Association’s 2019 Hirsch Award Competition. The two award winners were selected from a strong field of entrants.

The first-place winner is William J. Weinig, for his paper “Other Transaction Authority: Saint or Sinner for Defense Acquisition?” Weinig provides an overview and history of Other Transactions (OT), which are flexible business arrangements that can be used for prototype projects. These agreements are powerful because they sidestep the vast majority of existing laws and regulations, and Weinig’s analysis shows that to date, the benefits of OTs have outweighed their risks.

Second prize went to Jeremy D. Kramer and Torrey J. Wagner for their article “Developmental Test and Requirements: Best Practices of Successful Information Systems Using Agile Methods.” The article describes case studies of five DoD information systems that were developed using Agile or development and operations (DevOps) practices, and articulates best practices related to developmental testing and requirements management strategies for programs employing modernized Software Development Life Cycle practices.

The final article, “Multiple Incentive Contracts Result in Increased Costs—Or Do They?” by Robert J. Muretta, Jr., compares incentive contract outcomes between the DoD and other government agencies, and identifies underlying factors leading to their success—such as the use of schedule incentives and penalties, which turn out to be closely correlated to schedule outcomes.

The featured book in this issue’s Defense Acquisition Professional Reading List is The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses by Eric Ries, reviewed by David L. Gallop.

Finally, we thank departing Editorial Board member Dr. Craig Lush for his service, and welcome Mr. William Lucyshyn of the University of Maryland as a new member of the Board.

Dr. Larrie D. Ferreiro
Chairman and Executive Editor
Defense ARJ