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Life Cycle Logistics

Check out These New DAU Learning Assets

Check out These New DAU Learning Assets

Bill Kobren

New resources to support members of the defense acquisition workforce just keep coming. As most of you are aware, the 12 Integrated Product Support (IPS) Elements were identified in Appendix A of the Product Support Manager (PSM) Guidebook in April 2011. In November 2011 DAU deployed a comprehensive IPS Element Guidebook that provided detailed implementation and integration guidance about the elements. Since then we have been updating a range of our learning assets to reflect the expanded nature of these vitally important elements of product support, including deployment of an individual ACQuipedia article focusing on each element. Deliberately not as in-depth as the IPS Element Guidebook, these ACQuipedia articles are intended to serve as a quick reference or as a gateway to further information on a particular topic. This week we launched the twelfth of these articles, entitled “Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element – Technical Data.” They join two additional product support-related articles that have launched in recent weeks. Entitled “Product Support Business Model (PSBM)" and “Alternative Maintenance & Sustainment Concepts,” coupled with the last of the IPS Element articles, this brings to 82 the number of available Life Cycle Logistics ACQuipedia articles, and 405 total topics covered in this rapidly expanding acquisition resource. Take some time to peruse the library of articles. Or better still, suggest a topic that perhaps has not yet been addressed. It’s all about better supporting our workforce, assisting in your professional development, and providing resources that enhance your efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace.