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Life Cycle Logistics

Coming Soon: DAU Logistics Learning Asset Portfolio Revue!

Coming Soon: DAU Logistics Learning Asset Portfolio Revue!

Bill Kobren
As a follow-on to our recently-concluded 12-part LOG Blog series entitled “Touring Product Support, Element by Element”, it’s time to undertake a similar multi-part series focusing on what I’m calling a “LOG Portfolio Revue” to introduce members of the defense acquisition workforce, perhaps for the very first time, to the myriad of life cycle logistics and product support resources available from your colleagues here at the Defense Acquisition University (DAU).

In the coming days, we will feature a blog post on a specific – and readily accessible – learning asset in our logistics portfolio. Each post will include hyperlinks to related information and resources. Several key points to keep in mind before we embark on this portfolio revue of our logistics and product support resources:
  • First everything we’re going to share with you is unclassified and publicly accessible.
  • Second, while these resources were developed specifically for DoD life cycle logisticians and product support managers, they are readily available for all defense acquisition workforce members, non-acquisition workforce DoD logisticians (both DoD civilians and military members), as well as industry personnel supporting the Department of Defense, logisticians from other federal agencies, and in many instances, even military personnel from allied and partner nations.
  • Third, these resources were intentionally designed and curated to be interdisciplinary, so you will readily see linkages and alignment with other functional communities.
  • Fourth, they are intended to link and align with each other across what we refer to as our Acquisition Learning Model (ALM) here at DAU – classroom and online training courses (what we call foundational learning) to assist you in gaining fundamental acquisition knowledge and skills, knowledge sharing and job support tools (what we call workflow learning) where you can find acquisition resources to help you on the job, and mission assistance and workshops (what we call performance learning) where you can receive assistance tailored to your organizations’ specific needs.
  • Fifth and perhaps most importantly these resources and learning assets are intended to facilitate not only your professional development, but your success as a member of the defense acquisition workforce in providing affordable readiness and supportable systems for our warfighter customers.

So hold on to your hats.... and let the “LOG Portfolio Revue” begin! Oh, and for those who might want to revisit any of the blog posts from the previous element by element product support tour, quick links to all twelve are provided here for your reading pleasure: