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CON 0170 Contracting for Repair Services

CON 0170 Contracting for Repair Services

CON 0170 Contracting for Repair Services
Mr. Mark Jenkins
CON 0170 – Contracting for Repair Services has recently deployed. This new Online Training (OLT) course utilizes real-life, familiar examples of repair services, and draws parallels to the major repair processes we see in the support of DoD weapon systems.

Purchasing repair services has been a subset of service acquisition that has remained relatively ambiguous to contracting professionals. Terms such as Mean Logistics Delay Time (MLDT), Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), are terms the contracting professional should know in addition to understanding the specific challenges associated with purchasing repair services.

Contracting for repair services have more complex and ambiguous processes and the evaluation criteria may be more subjective. Especially important is the need to establish measurable performance standards and the method of assessing the contractor’s performance, not to mention performance incentives.

CON 0170 addresses the differences between contracting for repair services vs. contracting for supplies. The purpose of this course is to make acquisition professionals aware of specific contracting nuances when contracting for repair services. Learners will discover how to describe requirements, evaluate performance or quality, assign responsibility for assessing performance or quality, and adhere to Government funding constraints (time, purpose, amount).

CCON 0170 will be a component of the new upcoming Contracting for Logistics and Sustainment credential.