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CON 0180 Data Rights Deployed!

CON 0180 Data Rights Deployed!

CON 0180 Data Rights Deployed!
Mr. Mark Jenkins
CON 0180 – Data Rights is now deployed. This new Online Training (OLT) course will provide acquisition professionals with a basic understanding of Intellectual Property Data Rights for technical data and computer software. Students will read documentation or view video training to help them understand the federal government's rights in these materials developed by contractor personnel in the performance of their contracted programs. The videos address distinctions between intellectual property and data rights, and assertion tables (where contractors must assert rights to software/data which are other than unlimited).

The course deals primarily with rights associated with computer software and technical data. Learners will also become familiar with the 5 types of licensing rights which the government may acquire:
  • Government Purpose rights
  • Limited rights
  • Unlimited rights
  • Restricted rights
  • Specialized license rights

Learners will be presented with 3 scenarios. Each of the three scenarios will introduce learners to the appropriate Data Right restrictions, their application to data or software, how the contractor or owner shall mark the items, as well as their duty to validate or challenge markings provided on the items when delivered to the government.

CCON 0180 will be a component of the new upcoming Contracting for Logistics and Sustainment credential.