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  3. CON 7020 Overhead Should Cost Review Is Deployed!!!

CON 7020 Overhead Should Cost Review is deployed!!!

CON 7020 Overhead Should Cost Review is deployed!!!

CON 7020 Overhead Should Cost Review is deployed!!!
Dr. Renee Butler
DAU is pleased to deliver CON 7020, Overhead Should Cost Review to the acquisition workforce. This on-line training (OLT) course was developed to help Government contracting personnel, contract administrators, pricing, audit, and engineering representatives understand the purpose of an Overhead Should Cost Review (OHSCR) and obtain a deeper understanding of a cost analysis. The Department of Defense (DoD) utilizes should-cost reviews to evaluate the economy and efficiency of the contractor’s work force, methods, materials, equipment, real property, operating systems, and management. While an OHSCR is performed by the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) OHSCR Team, the review can also be performed by certain military service branches. However, this course is being presented from the viewpoint of the DCMA OHSCR Team. This course covers the overhead portion of an OHSCR only and will familiarize the learner with the skills required to conduct reviews that aim to promote both short and long-range improvements in a contractor’s economy and efficiency to reduce the cost of performing Government contracts.

To learn more about OHSCR or to register for the course, go to: https://icatalog.dau.edu/onlinecatalog/courses.aspx?crs_id=12795