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CON 7100 Materials and Services is Deployed!

CON 7100 Materials and Services is Deployed!

CON 7100 Materials and Services is Deployed!
Dr. Renee Butler
FAR Table 15-2 provides instructions for submitting cost and price proposals when certified cost or pricing data are required. Part II of the form identifies information that contractors must provide for the basic cost elements. In the upcoming CCON 001, Advanced Proposal Analysis, students will take a series of on-line and virtual instructor-led courses to learn how to analyze each cost element. The information contained within each course can also be helpful in analyzing proposals where certified cost or pricing data is not required or when only one or a few cost elements must be examined.

The courses included within the credential will be:

CON 7100 – Materials and Services - deployed
CON 7110 – Direct Labor - deployed
CON 7120 – Other Direct Costs
CON 7130 – Royalties
CON 7140V – Advanced Cost Modeling - deployed
CON 7150 – Sole Source Technical Evaluations
CON 7160 – Facilities Capital Cost of Money
CON 7170 – Analyzing Profit or Fee

While CCON 001 is not yet deployed, we will release each course as it is completed.

CON 7100 – Materials and Services is now available for registration. In this online (OLT) learning asset, students will learn about the direct labor cost element. Of particular interest is how to evaluate direct labor rates and direct labor hours during proposal analysis.

To learn more about the course and to register, go to: https://icatalog.dau.edu/onlinecatalog/courses.aspx?crs_id=13100