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  3. CON 7200V and CON 7210V Better Business Deals Are Back!!

CON 7200V and CON 7210V Better Business Deals are Back!!

CON 7200V and CON 7210V Better Business Deals are Back!!

CON 7200V and CON 7210V Better Business Deals are Back!!
Dr. Renee Butler
Are you one of the more than 400 acquisition workforce members who are currently enrolled in CCON 002, Business Foundations, but have been waiting for a reservation in CON 7200V, Better Business Deals? Then you're in luck! DAU is pleased to offer four additional FY24 offerings of CON 7200V. The dates are:

1. June 12-16
2. July 17-21
3. July 31 - August 4
4. Aug 7-11.

To learn more or register for CON 7200V, go to https://icatalog.dau.edu/onlinecatalog/courses.aspx?crs_id=12628

DAU is also pleased to offer two additional course offerings of CON 7210V, Better Business Deals - Focus on the Private Sector. The dates are 25-26 July and 15-16 August. In this course, participants will gain insights into privately owned firms, current or prospective, operating in support of our national defense needs. While the information provided by non-public firms, especially financial information, may be lacking in comparison to companies reporting to the Securities & Exchange Commission, a range of traditional and non-traditional approaches can be taken to understand the firms’ operations in ways that foster improved business deals for the government, both from a financial and an economically sustainable perspective.

This course is ideal for DoD Acquisition government acquisition professionals, and will identify industry trends, sources of information about private/non-public reporting firms, and provide analysis techniques to develop greater insights into these firms.

For more information or to register for CON 7210V, go to https://icatalog.dau.edu/onlinecatalog/courses.aspx?crs_id=12869