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Contested Logistics Remains “Top of Mind”

Contested Logistics Remains “Top of Mind”

Contested Logistics Remains “Top of Mind”
Shawn Harrison

Encourage defense workforce members to check out a new Air Force News article entitled “Air Force Senior Leaders Hold Contested Logistics Table-Top Exercise.”

DoD’s ability to prevail through a Contested Logistics environment, defined in 10 USC 2926(h) as “an environment in which the armed forces engage in conflict with an adversary that presents challenges in all domains and directly targets logistics operations, facilities, and activities in the United States, abroad, or in transit from one location to the other,” continues to be “top of mind” for DoD and the Services given the pacing threat of China and Great Power Competition. The Air Force recently reported the results of a Contested Logistics Table-top Exercise focused on “the strategic risks related to conducting logistics in contested environments.” A few key quotes from the article to be aware of:

  • “All operations are underwritten by logistics … [which] sustains our ability to project power” – HON Frank Kendall, Secretary of the Air Force
  • “Credible military logistics is a key element of integrated deterrence” – Gen CQ Brown, Chief of Staff of the Air Force
  • “Every commander should understand their logistical risks and challenges, because those are in-effect operational constraints” – Lt Gen Tom Miller, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics Engineering and Force Protection (AF/A4)

To learn more on the subject, check out a recent article by HON Christopher J. Lowman, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment entitled “Sustaining a Resilient Joint Force and Defense Ecosystem that Enables Integrated Deterrence,” which includes a section on “Prevailing Through Contested Logistics.”